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UNIT 6: OUR TET HOLIDAY A. PHONETICS a. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. Read the words aloud 1. A. Trang chủ B. Pagoda C. Clothes D. Flower 2. A. Visit B. Lượt thích C. Thành phố D. Wish 3. A. Relative B. Decorate C. Present D. Prepare 4. A. Plant B. Chat C. Make D. Family 5. A. Celebrate B. Come C. Cook D. Cousin b. Practise saying the following sentences with a focus on the underlined words. 1. Can you show me the way lớn the thành phố centre? 2. What should you bởi vì to celebrate Tet? 3. We should clean và decorate the house. 4. We shouldn’t drink too much wine. 5. We should make a wish when Tet comes. B. VOCABULARY và GRAMMAR a. Circle A, B, C or D for each picture 1. A. Banh phổ biến 2. A. Lucky money 3. A. Swimming pool B. Banh tet B. Balloons B. Decorating house C. Banh day C. Firecrackers C. Cleaning house D. Banh bao D. Plants D. Painting house4. A. Visiting grandparents 5. A. Lucky money B. Sleeping with grandparents B. New clothes C. Shopping with grandparents C. Peach blossom D. Tidying up with grandparents D. Family gathering b. Find a word khổng lồ complete the following sentences 1. We always ___ our grandparents and our relatives on the first day of Tet. 2. I ___ our grandparents good health & a long life. 3. Our grandparents often give us good advice and ___ money when we visit them at Tet. 4. My sister và I always wear ___ clothes at Tet. 5. There are many beautiful ___ in our garden at Tet. They are really colourful. 6. My friend likes ___ banh chung & spring rolls (nem) at Tet. 7. I often go ___ with my mother before Tet. 8. When spring comes, the students in my school often plant a lot of ___ in our school garden. 9. At New Year’s Eve, I usually go to Hoan Kiem Lake khổng lồ ___ firecrackers with my parents. 10. I wish this New Year everyone will ___ a job & enough food. C. What should/ shouldn’t you bởi at Tet? Complete the sentences. 1. You ___ buy firecrackers.2. You ___ clean & decorate your house. 3. You ___ eat too much sweets. 4. You ___ wish all the people you know “Happy New Year”. 5. You ___ help your mother with cooking. 6. You ___ quarrel with each other. 7. You ___ go to a pagoda khổng lồ pray for good health and good luck. 8. You ___ play cards for money. 9. You ___ stay up late. 10. You ___ watch too much TV. D.

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Choose the correct answer A,B,C or D to complete the sentences. 1. My mother is a good cook. She often___ special food at Tet. A. Buys B. Cooks C. Takes D. Brings 2. Did you like to ___ banh phổ biến at Tet? A. Know B. Eat C. Help D. Vị 3. People often ___ red envelopes for lucky money at Tet. A. Bring B. Take C. Buy D. Ask 4. Before Tet, people often give ___ to show their love and respect. A. Firecrackers B. Plants C. Food D. Presents 5. Tet is a time for family ___ A. Working B. Cooking C. Playing D. Gathering C. READINGa. Read the passage about Lunar New Year (Tet) in Viet Nam, then answer the following questions. Lunar New Year iss one of the festivals celebrated in some Asian countries. It is the greatest Vietnamese festival. It is called Tet in Viet Nam. It usually takes place between the end of January và the beginning of February. Celebrations begin with the family reunion dinner which is held on the New Year’s Eve. Every thành viên of the family is eager to attend this family feast. The feast usually consists of banh phổ biến or banh tet, spring rolls, chicken và some other special food. The children usually wear clothes và go with their parents to lớn visit their grandparents and relatives. The children say “Happy New Year” to lớn all the people they visit and are often given lucky money in red envelopes. They are very happy. 1. When does the Lunar New Year take place? ___ 2. When vì chưng the Vietnamese hold their family reunion dinner? ___ 3. What bởi the Vietnamese children usually bởi vì at Tet? ___ 4. What are the children often given at Tet? ___ 5. How vày the children feel? ___ b. Read the passage and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).A few days before Tet comes, my family has much work khổng lồ do. My mother begins cleaning và decorating the house. My father and I help her. We tidy up the house until it is spick & span. Our house is so neat & tidy. The decoration looks lovely. During Tet, I help my mother khổng lồ serve food và drinks when our relatives or friends visit us. I feel proud of myself to lớn help my parents. T F 1. A few days before Tet comes, the family does a lot of work. 2. They don’t decorate the house 3. The writer help the mother khổng lồ cook the meal. 4. The family invites the guests to have food và drinks when they come. 5. The writer feels tired lớn help the parents c. Read the passages above again & complete the sentences with the words given. Reunion tidy lucky money decorate festival 1. Tet is the greatest ___ in Viet Nam. 2. Before Tet, people often clean và ___ their house. 3. Family ___ dinner is held on the New Year’s Eve. 4. At Tet, all houses look neat và ___ 5. Children are often given___ in red envelopes. D. Writing a. Write true sentences about New Year practices in different countries, using the words/ phrases given. 1. The USA/ when the clock/ strike/ midnight/ ,/ everybody/ cheering/ and/ singing/ happily. 2. Getting up/ on/ the first day/ of the New Year/ ,/ the Chinese children/ dress/ beautifully/ red. 3. Every Vietnamese family/ buy or cook/ banh bình thường or banh tet/ Tet4. Japanese people/ believe/ ringing bells/ can/ remove/ their bad actions/ previous year. 5. The Scottish/ believe/ the first footer/ the New Year’s day/ decides/ the family’s luck/ the rest/ the year. B. Fill in each gap of the letter with will or won’t Dear Mary, How are you? I am very glad because Tet is coming. It’s our New Year celebration. Before Tet, I (1) ___help my family with the house decorations. I (2) ___ go khổng lồ the flower market with my mother and my sister. We (3) ___ a peach blossom tree and some flowers. Then, my mother (4) ___ buy some new clothes for us. We (5) ___ buy some sweets, some coffee và some tea but we (6) ___ buy cigarettes. My father gave up smoking. We (7) ___ make spring rolls and I lượt thích it. We (8) ___cook banh tet. They are really delicious. I (9) ___ visit my grandparents và my relatives with my parents. The thing I like best is I (10) ___ have to do my homework at Tet. I have a lot of time to relax. Write to lớn me. Mai c. Now write your own letter to lớn your pen friend telling him/her about Tet holiday. Use the idea above. Dear . ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___