Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 8 unit 2


Unit 2: Making Arrangements I. Mang lại dạng đúng của đụng từ trong ngoặc 1. She (come) to lớn her grandfather’s house in the countryside next week. 2. We (go) camping this weekend. 3. I (have) my hair cut tomorrow because it’s too long. 4. She ...

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1. She (come) khổng lồ her grandfather’s house in the countryside next week.

2. We (go) camping this weekend.

3. I (have) my hair cut tomorrow because it’s too long.

4. She (buy) a new house next month because she has had enough money.

5. Our grandparents (visit) our house tomorrow. They have just informed us.

6. My father (play) tennis in 15 minutes because he has just worn thể thao clothes.

7. My mother (go) out because she is making up her face.

8. They (sell) their old house because they has just bought a new one.

II. Tìm kiếm một trạng từ chỉ địa điểm trong từng câu sau cùng viết lại nó vào khu vực trống làm việc cuối câu.

1.When the police came there, the robbers had escaped.

2. The tourists were so hungry, but they couldn’t find any restaurants nearby.

3The bus was too crowded. There was nowhere for me to sit.

4.All family members are gathering here.

5.All guards are standing outside because there is an important meeting today.

6.Hurry up. Vì something. Don’t just sit there.

7.That Lucy’s scandal is spreading everywhere makes her much more famous than ever.

8.After 1 year living in the USA, I’m coming home.

9.If you want lớn go to lớn this city, you should drive eastwards.

10.This cage is too small for the cat. Could you let it out?

III.Chia những động trường đoản cú với be going to

Laura:What are you doing with that camera?

I’m going to take (I / take) it khổng lồ work.

(1) ……. (I / lend) it to Phil.

(2) ………. (he / take) a few photos with it.

Laura:Why can’t he buy his own camera?

He’s got one, but it isn’t working properly.

(3) ……. (it / be) a while before he can get it repaired.


Well, how long (4) ……(he / keep) ours?

When (5) ….. (we / get) it back?


(6) …… (he / have) it over the weekend.

(7) …….. (we / get) it back on Monday.

Laura:Well, I hope (8) …….. (it/ not / get) damaged.

IV) các bạn sẽ nói gì giữa những tình huống sau? Sử dụng các từ: be sick, crash, get wet, lose, not stop, rain

The sky is full of dark clouds.

It’s going khổng lồ rain.

1) Now it’s starting to rain. There’s nowhere to shelter, and you haven’t got an umbrella.

2) You feel awful. There’s a terrible feeling in your stomach.

3) You are playing Scrabble. The game is nearly over và you are 100 points behind.

4) You can see a plane coming down. It’s out of control and falling to the ground.

5) You are waiting for a train. There’s one coming, but you don’t know if it’s the one you want. It’s travelling very fast.

V. Fill in each blank with the correct preposition.(Tìm giới từ phù hợp để điền vào vị trí trống)

1. The price of electricity is going up _____ August.

2. They came to visit us _____ my birthday.

3. Did you have a good time _____ Christmas?

4. The children are really excited _____ their summer vacation.

5. We were very disappointed _____ the organization of the festival.

6. John missed a lot of lessons. He was ill _____ January khổng lồ March.

7. Helen had said goodbye khổng lồ everybody in the class _____ she left for the hometown.

8. My mèo is very fond _____ fish.

9. I waited _____ 10 o’clock & then went home.

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10. I can’t remember exactly when the accident happened. I think it was _____ nine & half past nine.

11. Are you acquainted _____ the lady?

12. _____ the children left, the house was very quiet.

13. These photographs were taken _____ a friend of mine.

14. The river Rhine flows _____ the North sea.

15. I shall meet you _____ the corner _____ the street.

16. I always come _____ school _____ foot.

17. He had learned the whole poem _____ heart.

18. He has waited _____ her for a long time.

19. He’s not very keen _____ watching football, but his wife is.

20. Are you worried _____ the final examination?

VI. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet khổng lồ indicate the correct answer khổng lồ each of the following questions.

1. _____ time _____ time I will examine you on the work you have done.

A. From / lớn B. At / lớn C. In / khổng lồ D. With / to

2. This village is inhabited _____ tens of thieves.

A. With B. ToC. By D. For

3. God has bestowed _____ me many graces.

A. On B. For C. Lớn D. With

4. Make a bình luận _____ this sentence!

A. ToB. InC. On D. About

5. He’s a very wealthy man; a few hundred pounds is nothing _____ him.

A. For B. With C. ToD. About

6. She does not show much affection _____ him.

A. With B. InC. For D. To

7. The clerk _____ that counter said those purses were _____ sale.

A. In/ for B. At/ on C. At/ in D. On/ on

8. Someone broke into the cửa hàng and made _____ with several TVs and videos.

A. Of B. Up C. Out D. Off

9. Old people lượt thích to descant _____ past memories.

A. InB. With C. On D. For

10. You should comply _____ the school rules.

A. ToB. About C. With D. In

11. The people next door are furious _____ us _____ making so much noise last night.

A. At/ with B. With/ for C. For/ toD. About/ in

12. The Vietnamese participants always take part _____ sports events with great enthusiasm.

A. InB. On C. At D. To

13. He isn’t independent _____ any means. He depends _____ his father _____ everything.

A. By/ on/ inB. For/ on/ inC. Of/ in/ for D. On/ in/ with

14. He may be quick _____ understanding but he isn’t capable _____ remembering anything.

A. In/ of B. On/ at C. At/ of D. Of/ at

15. Mum is always busy _____ her work in the laboratory.

A. WithB. At C. In D. Of

16 Lan will stay there _____ the beginning in September _____ November.

A. From/ to B. Till/ khổng lồ C. From/ inD. Till/ of

17. I would lượt thích to apply _____ the position of sales clerk that you advised in the Sunday newspaper.

A. For B. ToC. With D. In

18. I have been looking _____ this book for months, and at last, I have found it.

A. OverB. Up C. For D. At

19. My sister is very fond _____ eating chocolate candy.

A. OfB. WithC. About D. At

20. Who’s going khổng lồ look _____ the children while you’re away?

A. AtB. Up C. After D. Over

Đáp án


1. Is going lớn come

2. Are going to lớn go

3. Am going khổng lồ have

4. Is going to lớn buy

5. Are going to lớn visit

6. Is going khổng lồ play

7. Is going to go

8. Are going lớn sell













1) I am going to lend

2) He is going to take

3) It is going to lớn be

4) is he going to lớn keep

5) are we going to lớn get

6) He is going lớn have

7) We are going to lớn get

8) It isn’t going khổng lồ get


1) I am going lớn get wet

2) I am going to be sick

3) I am going to lose

4) It is going to crash!

5) It isn’t going to lớn stop


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1. In 2. On 3. At 4. About 5. With
6. From 7. Before 8. Of 9. Until 10. Between
11. With 12. After 13. By 14. Into 15. At/ of
16. To/ on 17. By 18. For 19. On 20. About


1. A 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. C
6. C 7. B 8. B 9. C 10. C
11. D 12. A 13. A 14. C 15. B
16. A 17. A 18. C 19. A 20. C

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