Look at the map. Then listen to the trip to lớn Ba’s village. Match the placcs on the bus route. With the letters on the map. Start at ↑

(Nhìn vào bản đồ. Tiếp đến nghe chuyến hành trình đến làng của Ba. Ghép những nơi trên suốt thời gian của xe pháo buýt đúng với mẫu mã tự trên bản đồ.)



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At 6.30 in the morning, the bus collected Ba and his family from their home. After picking up everyone, the bus continued north on the highway number 1.

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It crossed the dragon Bridge and stopped on the gas station lớn get some more fuel.Then it left the highway and turn left on lớn a smaller road westward. This road ran between green paddy fields, so the people on the bus could see a lot of cows and buffaloes. The road ended before a big store beside the pond. Instead of turning left towards a small airport, the bus went in the opposite direction. It didn’t stay on that road for very long. But turned left onto a road which went across a small bamboo forest. Finally, the bus dropped everyone at the parking lot ten meters from a big old banyan trees. It would part there and waited for people khổng lồ come back in the evening.

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