Tiếng Anh Lớp 11, Unit 10: Nature In Danger, Speaking


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UNIT 10 NATURE IN DANGER PART B: SPEAKING I. Objectives 1. Aim: Students learn khổng lồ give the reasons and ways to protect the environment & nature. 2. Lexical items: Words and phrases related khổng lồ the reasons why nature is threatened & the measures for protecting it. 3. Structures: Passive voice with model should: SHOULD BE PAST PART. 4. Teaching aids: handout, hoanggiaphat.vnbook , board, chalk, pictures II. Procedure 1.Check up: Answer the questions *What are the four ways by which human beings are changing the world? *What are the serious consequences of people’s interference with the environment? *What has been done lớn protect environment? 2 New lesson T Contents T và Ss’activities Warm –up (3’) Game: 1 2 3 4 5 6
1- man kind (3 letters) 2 - preparing soil, land for growing crops (11 letters) 3 - substance that pollutes (9 letters) - T gives handouts , suggests some explanations, encourages sts khổng lồ give the key word Individual work - Find the word in each row, give the key word 4 - animal skin , used for making clothes (3 letters) 5 - substance added khổng lồ soil to lớn enrich it (10 letters) 6 - chemical substance used to kill insects (9 letters) Key: 1 M A N 2 C U L T I V A T I O N
3 p. O L L U T A N T 4 F U R 5 F E R T I L I Z E R6 phường E S T I C I D E Pre-speaking (10’) *Vocabulary endangered, hunting, capturing, recreation - T helps sts pronounce the following words in task 1 T makes sure they all understand the word ( by asking them lớn give Vietnamese equivalents) T has sts look at the pictures - Asks them what the , fertilizer ,pesticides, cultivation,

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discharging, pollutants. . While- speaking (25’) Task 1: Below are some reasons why nature is threatened .Put them in order of importance Task 2Match the reasonsin task one with possible mesures for protecting the environment in the box below - Explains structure : SHOULD BE PAST PART. Is used to say what needs to lớn be done Ex: More trees should be planted. The blackboards should be cleaned after every class. - Encourages sts to give a few more people in the pictures are doing - Encourages sts lớn use the phrases in task 1 to lớn answer - the question Ask sts to lớn read the instruction and make sure they all Take notes - give examples
Pair work Each pair of students presents one examples - Walks around the class to see if sts have any problem in pronunciation. - Gives comments after each presentation. Key: Reasons why natures is threatned: 1- Killing endangered animals for fur, skin ,and food 2- Keeping animals as pets. 3- Burning the forests Cutting down trees for food. 4- Using fertilizers & pesticides for cultivation 5- Discharging chemical pollutants into the environment. reason and one measure. Pair work - Present their conversation in front of the class - SS know to vị the
task -T has three or four sts present their orders ( and reasons if possible) - No exact orders. - T has students read Task 3 :State the negative impacts caused by people on the environment và suggest mesures to lớn protect it 1People are keeping animals as pets 2- People are hunting or capturing animals for recreation or entertainment. 3- People are bunting forests , or cutting down trees for wood. 4- People are using fertilizers and pesticides for cultivation. 5- People are discharging chemical pollutants into the environment. - Gives comments. The example in task 3 & follow the mã sản phẩm , reminds them khổng lồ use the structure they have just learned, with a gerund as the subject.

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- T sks some pairs of Sts to lớn present their conversation , encourages them not lớn look at the book. Post- speaking (7’) Task 1 Asks sts khổng lồ discuss what they should or shouldn’t vì to protect nature . ( suggests some words for under- average sts to lớn join in the discussion : keeping animals as pet, killing animals for fur, planting more trees, protect endangered species …) T has a few sts stand up and say what they should or shouldn’t. Task 2 Asks sts to discuss the question: What will happen if nature is continued to be in danger? III. Homework.
Individual work Group work Report their discussion. Prepare part C (Name some national parks in Viet Nam & their locations)