What does the word 'their' in paragraph 2 refer to?

Câu hỏi: Read the following passage & mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to lớn indicate the correct answer khổng lồ each of the questions from 35 to lớn 42.

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Nowadays, it is an accepted fact that our position in the family - that is, whether we’re an oldest child, a middle child, a youngest child, or an only child - is possibly the strongest influence there is on our character and personality. So what influence does it have?Firstborn children often have lớn look after their younger brothers và sisters, so they’re usually sensible & responsible as adults. They also tend to lớn be ambitious và they make good leaders. On the negative side, oldest children can be insecure và anxious. This is because when the second child is bom, they lost some of their parents’ attention, & maybe they felt rejected.Middle children are more relaxed than the oldest children, probably because their parents were more relaxed themselves by the time the second child arrived. They’re usually very sociable - the kind of people who get on with everybody. They are also usually sensitive khổng lồ what other people need because they grew up between older và younger brothers và sisters. For the same reason, they’re often quite good at sorting out arguments, and they’re always sympathetic to the ones on the losing sides, or in general, khổng lồ people who are having problems. On the other hand, middle children can sometimes be unambitious, và they can lack direction in life.Youngest children are often very outgoing & charming. This is the way they try khổng lồ get the attention of both their parents and their older brothers và sisters. They are often more rebellious, & this is probably because it’s easier for them to break the rules - by the time they were bom, their parents were more relaxed about discipline. They can also be immature và disorganized, & they often depend too much on other people, because they have always been the baby of the family.Only children usually vì well at school because they have a lot of contact with adults. They get a lot of love and attention from their parents, so they’re typically self-confident. They’re also independent, as they spend too much time by themselves. Và because they spend a lot of time with adults, they’re often very organized. Only children can sometimes be spoilt because they are given everything they ask for by their parents. They can also be quite selfish and get impatient, especially when things go wrong. This is because they’ve never had khổng lồ sort out problems with other brothers & sisters.The word “their” in paragraph 2 refers to___________.

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A. oldest children’sB. parents’C.

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middle children’sD. youngest children’s
Dịch nghĩa câu hỏi:
tự “their” trong đoạn 2 ám chỉ___________?A. của những đứa con cảB. của phụ vương mẹC. của những đứa con thứD. của những người con útGiải thích: trong câu Firstborn children often have to look after their younger brothers and sisters từ their ám chỉ firstborn children = the oldest children phải phương án A phù hợp nhất