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Thursday, February 01st 2007P42. Unit 6: Lesson 6. Language focusA/ Aim: By the kết thúc of the lesson, Ss will be able khổng lồ Use adjectives and adverbs to make sentences with adj +that clause and reviews adverb clause of reason with because / as / since.- Teaching aids: Poster/ cardsB/ Content:* Warm up:PelmanismextremehappysadgoodslowfasthappilyslowlywellfastsadlyextremlyI/ Presentation:1) Pre- teach vocabulary:- sigh (v):`thở dài( mime )- amazed (adj):ngạc nhiên( synonym )- assighment (n):bài tập lớn( Translation )- break – broke (v):vỡ, gẵy( explanation )* checking : what và where2) Revision of adjectives and adverbs.Adj + ly = adv of manner* Adj can come in two places in a sentence.- Before noun : a nice girl / new shoe- After the verb “be” and “ look, seem, feel, tatse....The shoes are new/ That soup smells good* Adv normally goes after the direct object.I read the letter carefully.If there is no object, the advs go after the ordinary verbs.She walked slowly.3) New structure:Set the sence:Ba: Dad! I got mark 9 on my test.Father: That is woderful. I’m pleased that you are working hard.* Form:S + be + adjective + that clause4) Revision of adverb clause of reason with because / as / since.- Give Ss two sentences & asks ss to combine them into one.a) tía is tired.b) He stayed up late watching TV.* Answer:Ba is tired because he stayed up late watching TV.- We can use other words: As, sinceII/ Practice:1) Language focus 1:Get Ss work in pairs to use the adverbs provided in “ pelmanism game” to complete the sentences.* Answer: b. Slowlyc. Sadlyd. Happilye. Well2) Language focus 2:- Let Ss work in pairs & join the pair of sentences together using : Because, since và as.* Answer: a. I’m going khổng lồ be late for school because the bus is late.b. I broke the vase as I was careless.c. I want to lớn go home since I fell sick.d. I’m hungry as I haven’t eaten all day.3) Language focus 3.Let Ss work in pair to lớn to complete the dialogues.b) Mrs: Quyen: When are you going on vacationwith your family, Sally?Mrs Robinson: I’m excited that I can go to da Lat this time.c) I’m sorry that I broke your bicycle yesterday.d) I’m disappoited that you didn’t phone me about it.e) I’m amazed that I could win the first price.III/ Homework:Learn by herat vocabulary.Make 5 sentences with adj + that clauseDo exercise 4,5,6,7 phường 42- 45Prepare for next lesson.

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