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Le Quy Don Gifted High School Week: 24Supervisor: Ms. Trinh Ngoc Xuan Thao Period: 69Student teacher: Dinh Thi Phu Nhuan Date of preparation: February 05th 2010LESSON PLANGrade: 11Unit 11: SOURCES OF ENERGYD. WRITING Đà Nẵng, ngày 07 tháng 02 năm 2010 Giáo viên hướng dẫn Trịnh Ngọc Xuân ThảoI. Aims: After the lesson, the students will be able to: + improve their writing skill. + describe the information from a chart.II. Teaching method: Communicative approach.III. Teaching aids: textbook, laptop, projector và handouts. IV. Procedure:CONTENTTEACHER’S ACTIVITIESSTUDENTS’ ACTIVITIESA. Check up: (3 mins)- Report the listening passage.( Homework)B. Warm-up: (5 mins) — Game: Crosswords1COAL2GEOTHERMAL3GAS4SOLAR5WATER1. A type of black mineral that is dug from the ground and burned khổng lồ give heat.2. Heat coming from deep inside the earth can be used as _________ energy.3. A substance like air that is not a solid or a liquid.4. The sun’s energy is called________ energy.5. When it moves from a high place to lớn a lower place, it makes energy. What is it?=> Key word: CHARTC. New lesson:1. Pre-writing:a. Task 1: (7 mins)Choose the correct words in bold type to lớn complete this report and then underline the expressions used to lớn describe a chart. (handout)SALES ANALYSIS Sales began the year at 30.000 units in January and increased (1) slight / slightly khổng lồ 32.000 units in February. There was a (2) sharp / sharply rise to lớn 38.000 in March (3) due/ led to the introduction of a new price discounting scheme. This was followed by a (4) slight / slightly fall in April when sales dropped lớn 36.000 units. Our competitors launched a rival hàng hóa in the spring và this resulted in a (5) dramatic / dramatically fall lớn 25.000 in May. But we ran a summer advertising chiến dịch and sales increased (6) steady / steadily by 2.000 units a month throughout June, July & August until they stood (7) in / at 33.000 in September. The (8) dramatic / dramatically rise to lớn 45.000 in October resulted from the launch of our new autumn range. But then we experienced problems meeting demand and sales fell (9) sharp / sharply in November and remained (10) steady / steadily at 39.000 in December. Suggested answers:1. Slightly 2. Sharp3. Due 4. Slight5. Dramatic 6. Steadily7. At 8. Dramatic9. Sharply 10. Steadyb. Useful expressions: (handout) (1 min)Thereishas beenwaswill bea(n)(very)slightsmallslowsteadydramaticsharprapidrise...increase...decrease...reduction...fall...growth...drop........riseincreasegrowrapidlydramaticallysharplygradually.....falldecreasedeclinedropslightlyslowly2. While writing: a. Task 1: (5 mins)(page 130, textbook)- Study the chart about energy consumption in Highland in 2000 và fill in the gaps with the information from the chart.Suggested answers:1. 117 2. Coal 3. Smallestb. Task 2: (5 mins)(page 130, textbook)- Continue your description of the trends in energy consumption in the year 2005 in Highland. C. Task 3: (10 mins)(page 130, textbook)- Describe the chart, using the information from Task 1 và 2 and the useful expression in the handouts.3. Post writing: (8 mins)Corrections.D. Homework: (1 min)- Learn the useful expressions lớn describe a chart by heart.- Prepare for Language focus-unit 11, textbook.- Asks one student to report the listening passage.- Asks Ss to lớn play the game to find out the key word.- Gives Ss handouts and asks them to do the task.- Gives feedback.- Gives Ss handouts.- Asks Ss to bởi vì the task.- Checks the answers.- Has Ss continue to lớn describe the trends in pairs.- Calls some Ss to describe in front of the class.- Asks Ss to lớn work in groups of 4 lớn describe the chart.- Calls 2 Ss from 2 groups to lớn write their descriptions on the board.- Gives corrections.- Has Ss take notes.- One student does as required. - Play the trò chơi as the whole class.- bởi vì the task.- Pay attention.- Get the handouts.- bởi as required.- kiểm tra the answers.- vị as required.- Some Ss describe.- Work in groups & do as required.- Two Ss write their descriptions on the board.- Pay attention.- vì chưng as required.